North Coast helps Lake Assault Boats launch website

The builder of some of the most amazing boats in the world needed an amazing website.

After working with North Coast Communications, Lake Assault Boats now has a powerful platform to tell its powerful story.

North Coast helped Lake Assault conceptualize, develop and create content for the new site. It showcases the strong visual content presented by the maker of custom boats for fire, police, rescue and safety agencies nationwide, as well as commercial businesses that work on the water. The site melds video and still images with the stories of agency officials and business operators who had jobs to do on the water but needed help from Lake Assault to design the perfect boats to get the work done.

The site also incorporates a new secondary logo for Lake Assault, with the motto, “Custom Built. Mission Ready.”

We love working with Lake Assault–and not just because they build cool boats that can pump 1,500 gallons of water a minute to douse a fire. Their approach to building boats is the same as ours when it comes to crafting communications strategies. Every project is unique. Every project begins with the end in mind. Every assignment ends with a satisfied customer who’s able to get the job done.

Thank you for the opportunity, Lake Assault. We’ll tip our caps the next time we gaze out our office windows and see one of your boats in sea tests on Lake Superior along America’s North Coast.

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